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Abu Dhabi

Hello, My name is Aj Decker.

I was born in Fairbanks, Alaska. I lived in Alaska most of my adult life. Growing up in Alaska was an
Adventure everyday.  Everything from skiing to hiking, hunting to fishing.  Heck making your way to the
store could be a Adventure. I saw and did it all.  As I got older the Adventures got a bit tougher. You haven't
lived till you spent a week in -60 below zero weather camping in a tent, or in a snow shelters 200 miles from
the closes town. I never really had the urge to travel outside of Alaska.  Then when I was 34, work brought
me to Fort Worth, Texas.  Alaska was beautiful, but Texas opened my eyes to so many new Adventures and
possibilities. Up till then I had never left Alaska.  Unless you count Canada.  It was about 12 years ago I
started working for Lockheed Martin. It’s a fantastic place to work and when I was offered the opportunity to
work for Lockheed in South Korea,  I jumped at the chance.  I was slated to be there just two months.  But
that quickly turned into 4 months. 4 months turn into 6 months…till I was there almost a year.  While I was
there I explored South Korea and China.  South Korea became our new backyard.  Every weekend was a
different Adventure.  Leaving Korea was very hard thing to do.  It became home to me.  Korea changed me
forever and gave me the desire to want to travel more!   Since South Korea I have travelled all over the world,
for Lockheed and for Adventure.  I am now busy planning our next big Adventure!
The reason I started this page was to let people see that they don’t have to be afraid to travel. When I
left for Korea I had a lot of preconceived ideas of what to expect. What I found was completely
Unexpected and Amazing. I packed the silliest things and wondered some pretty stupid things also… like
what would I eat if I didn’t like Korean food. Turns out Koreans like McDonald’s too!  What I realised
was that all my concerns about food were for nothing.  Sure, if you want to do the exotic food-tasting
travel thing, go for it!  But if you don’t want to turn your whole diet upside down you can still travel and
see everything you want. All the signs were in English and Korean. It was easy to get around and the
people were fantastic! I had put off traveling overseas because of my fears that I couldn’t get around
because of the language barrier or maybe I wouldn’t be able to find good food or hotels.  Plus everyone
was telling me how dangerous it was. I never felt unsafe while there or anywhere I have been.
But if you do silly things and go to places you shouldn’t be, any place can be dangerous.  On this site there are some tools to help you
stay safe while travelling.  Click on the
Travel Tips link.  Just be smart and have fun!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Happy traveling!