Travel Tips
Being prepared for any circumstance while traveling is never a bad thing.

If you click on the topics to the left you will find allot of helpful information and a
printable travel check list.

Some of the topics might seem to be a little overkill or scary, but don't let it be a factor in
your travels. Just be smart and understand that most people on a typical vacation will
probably not encounter any of these scenarios. But if you do then you want to be prepared.
Also if you travel for Business or Adventure to Countries that may have civil unrest or where
foreigners are not particularly welcome, Then this information could save your life.

Here's a true story.... I was living in Seosan, South Korea and decided to go about 4 hours
away into Seoul for the weekend. I have never felt unsafe anywhere in South Korea the
whole time I lived there, but on this particular Saturday after arriving by bus, I took a taxi
into a nicer part of town that was near the university. The taxi driver turned the corner and
the street was blocked and lined with police riot buses.  Evidently the students were
protesting the importing of US beef.  So The Taxi driver realizing that he had an American
citizen in his cab was afraid that he might become a target for the rioting students. So what
does he do? He opens the door and pushes me out right in the middle of the street. So
here I am standing right behind the police lines that are holding back the protesters thinking
to myself ...Bloody Hell!  I quickly made my way back up the street and to the side of the
street near the police buses. Two police officers saw me and whisked me away up the
street before thing got really crazy! Lol. So you never know what you might encounter while
travelling. But knowing what to do in any situation is going to be your best bet in getting
home safe.

Ps:  At least taxi ride was free!

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